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Box Configurations

Introducing our six pre-configured, fully brandable containers – all ready to work for you.


Engage customers with strategic pop-up shops and mobile boutiques.


Establish a semi-permanent outpost for your foodtruck (no more engine trouble); host pop-up cafés, brewery taps and tasting rooms.


Foster community and enhance collaboration by taking your work outside with a fully functional outdoor office.


Provide full-service kiosks for tour operators, ticket booths, First Aid facilities, civic outreach and other programming.


Enhance your working experience with a secure workshop to store tools and supplies, from backyard projects to large construction sites.


Celebrate your future-forward brand with an OpBox activation and stand out from the crowd at trade shows, festivals, and markets.


Want to know more about OpBox? Great! Here are a few rapid-fire responses to common questions we receive:

How They’re Built

Photo of boat in boatyard storage

OpBox proudly utilizes the talent and craftsmanship of Maine’s world-famous boat-building community when creating and outfitting each unit.

Maine boat yards are uniquely qualified to build high-end, weather-resistant, technically advanced mobile structures. This tradition is reflected in both our partnership with a local Maine shipyard and our commitment to creating hearty, effective and truly innovative spaces.


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